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Different Types of Acupuncture
There are many different types of Acupuncture we utilize.

• Traditional Chinese acupuncture - Every licensed acupuncturist in the US has been trained in TCM. Each state has different requirements and number of hours in their programs but TCM is the US standard.
• Ear acupuncture - In America, ear acupuncture is known mostly for its ability to treat addictions with the NADA protocols; drug, alcohol, smoking, and weight loss. In truth, the ear is seen as an upside down fetus and the entire body can be treated through ear acupuncture.
• Scalp acupuncture
- I have used scalp acupuncture for stroke patients, tremor issues, anxiety and neurological issues. It isn't commonly used but is a great adjunct.
• Hand acupuncture, Korean Hand Acupuncture
- uses specific points on the hand solely.
• Local Ashi acupuncture - Needles are inserted at local, tender points. Good for localized pain. There are many practitioners who believe there are better ways to treat pain and that inserting needles into an already sore area is not appropriate.
• E-stim Acupuncture - Often when local ashi needling is used, E-stim (electrical stimulation) is added for greater stimulation to the needles.
• Master Tung's acupuncture - Master Tung was one of the most famous acupuncturists in Taiwan. He taught only a few hand chosen "disciples" before he died. Used for pain and internal issues. This is my favorite method.

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